Zomedica - Gerald Solensky Jr.

Gerald Solensky Jr. | President & Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO of Zomedica, Gerald Solensky is determined to revolutionize the animal health industry by building an unprecedented business model alongside a world-class leadership team. An industry trailblazer known for his goals-driven leadership style, astute business acumen, and leading-edge people strategies, Gerald is committed to helping animals by ensuring the success of the veterinarians who care for them.

With a 20-year track-record building successful operations within start-up, turnaround and rapid-change environments, Gerald started his career with Yamaha Motors as the youngest executive to command national and international accounts averaging $50 million in total sales. He subsequently entered the banking industry serving as Regional Vice President of Fifth Third Bank where he managed a $250 million portfolio. He further expanded his financial and leadership talents as Senior Vice President at IndyMac Bank where he managed the P&L statement and 120 sales professionals in the mortgage-backed security division. Prior to joining Zomedica, Gerald served as Director, President and CEO at Dynamic Fuel Systems (now dynaCERT Inc.), a TSX-V listed fuel system technology firm. Most recently, Gerald authored a consumer financial education program titled “Life 101” and completed over 800 observation hours in pre-veterinary medicine to garner a more complete understanding of Zomedica’s veterinary customer and their associated needs.

Outside his charge with Zomedica, Gerald is an avid collector of deep cameo coins as well as keepsakes that mark special memories of his family life. His constant animal companion is a Jack Russell terrier named Capone, and his home has served as rehabilitation haven to many creatures including a hummingbird, two raccoons, a rabbit, and countless ducks, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds.

 Zomedica - Stephanie Morley, DVM

Stephanie Morley, DVM | Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Product Development

As the Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Product Development, Stephanie L. Morley, DVM, leads Zomedica’s veterinary and innovation strategies, product development activities, research and development, and facilitates new business opportunities to ensure the delivery of affordable, high quality veterinary products by aligning customer needs, translational technologies, and corporate objectives.

Dr. Morley is a trained veterinarian with instinctive business acumen. Over the course of her 15 year career, she has become known as a transformational leader, experienced in building viable business units and overseeing departments with 600 plus staff and annual budgets totaling US$40 million in operating expenses. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in hospitality business and doctor of veterinary medicine from Michigan State University, Dr. Morley was a practicing veterinarian with Oakwood Animal Hospital in Kalamazoo, MI and Adobe Animal Medical Center in Albuquerque, NM where she quickly learned to juggle the roles of both clinical practitioner and operations management. During her tenure with MPI Research, she was rapidly promoted to increasingly responsible positions, advancing from lower-level supervisory roles to Vice President of Operations by building rapport with divisions and departments to instill a cohesive team atmosphere. As Associate Director of Business Development with the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Morley bridged communications between faculty members and external industry, translating science to business and business to science, in efforts to fast track innovations from discovery insight to market impact.

When she is not building the business, Dr. Morley can be found downhill skiing or tackling home improvement projects alongside her husband and their five children. Her personal tenet is to have fun in all endeavors and be the best example possible to her family, friends, community and professional network that are part of her journey.

 Zomedica - Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA

Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA | Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Zomedica’s Canadian-based parent company, Shameze Rampertab, CPA, CA, is focused on strengthening the company’s capital structure via the development and implementation of financial strategies to ensure continued growth and viability in the evolving animal health market. Based in Canada, his ongoing responsibilities include financial reporting and guidance, treasury and foreign exchange management, tax planning, fundraising and investor relations.

A seasoned financial leader in the healthcare sector with 20 years of experience, Shameze is a master of capital markets, strategic planning and financial analysis. Over the course of his distinctive and accomplished career, he successfully served as chief financial officer for multiple publicly traded healthcare startups, worked as an investment banker, thrived as a sell-side health-equity research analyst, and raised over $480 million of private and public capital. Before joining Zomedica, Shameze served as CFO and secretary at Profound Medical Corp. where he spearheaded a Qualifying Transaction with a Capital Pool Corporation resulting in the listing of shares on the TSX Venture Exchange. Prior to that, he was CFO and Vice President of Finance for Intellipharmaceutics International Inc., a NADSAQ and TSX listed pharmaceutical company. He received his chartered professional accountant (CPA) and chartered accountant (CA) designations from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants after earning his MBA from McMaster University and Bachelor of Science in molecular genetics and molecular biology from the University of Toronto.

A kid at heart, Shameze is an avid marathon runner, motorcycle rider, and volunteer judge for FIRST® LEGO® League competitions, with the latter inspired by his children’s positive and impactful experiences with this STEM-focused educational organization. He shares his home with Gizmo, an orange tabby, and Bruce, a Yorkshire Terrier, who all live in harmony with his wife and three children.

 Zomedica - Bruk Herbst

Bruk Herbst | Chief Commercial Officer

As Zomedica’s Chief Commercial Officer, Bruk Herbst is responsible for leading marketing, sales, and customer service and support operations to execute and deliver the company’s commercial strategy, including the launch of its diagnostic, point of care, and therapeutic product offerings currently in development.

Known as a highly accomplished and forward-thinking leader, Bruk excels in unifying teams to achieve common goals and deliver best-in-class products and services that positively impact both the customer experience and animal health. With over 20 years of experience and an acute understanding of the animal health market, he has honed his ability to achieve accelerated revenue growth, lasting customer relationships, and industry-leading results. Over the course of his dynamic career, he has successfully launched numerous veterinary products on behalf of global corporations and startup enterprises.

Prior to joining Zomedica, Bruk was Executive Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at i4C Innovations. Before that, he served as Executive Senior Director and Head of U.S. Sales at IDEXX Laboratories, where he was responsible for in-clinic and reference lab diagnostics, point of care solutions, information technologies, and digital radiography solutions. He has also held sales leadership roles in patient monitoring, pharmacy and diagnostics with Omnicare Specialty Care Group and Life Systems. Bruk holds a Bachelor of Science in business from the University of Arizona.

Outside of his quest for operational excellence and team building, Bruk enjoys spending time with his family and children. He is currently on the hunt for their next furry, four-legged companion.