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About Zomedica

A healthy vet is joyful, profitable, effective and courageous.

Our Purpose

To improve worldwide companion animal health by increasing the number of successful veterinarians on the planet. Because pet health is dependent on vet health.

Our Vision

To advance the health, effectiveness, and financial well-being of companion animal veterinarians so they are ready to greet the challenges of veterinary practice with energy and confidence.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, needs-driven solutions that give veterinarians the opportunity to lower costs, increase productivity and grow revenue while better serving the animals in their care.

About Us

Zomedica is a veterinary diagnostic and pharmaceutical company creating products for companion animals (canine, feline and equine) by focusing on the unmet needs of clinical veterinarians. Our product portfolio will include novel diagnostics and innovative therapeutics that emphasize patient health and practice health.

With a team that includes clinical veterinary professionals, Zomedica recognizes the joys of working in vet medicine, the sacrifices made to fulfill the noble veterinary oath, and the challenges that impact veterinarians personally and professionally.

We are an integrated team of DVMs and vet professionals, innovative scientists, and business experts committed to helping practicing veterinarians remember why they chose to care for animals, why they became veterinarians, and to recapture the joy in their career and come full circle.


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Creating a diverse portfolio of diagnostics and therapeutics in the $10B companion animal market.
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