Pipeline Development

Novel Diagnostics

Zomedica has entered into a license and supply agreement with Celsee, Inc. (Celsee) to develop and market their liquid biopsy platform for application as a veterinary cancer diagnostic. Using Celsee’s liquid biopsy platform, Zomedica initially intends to develop and market ZM-017, a non-invasive diagnostic assay or blood test to help veterinarians diagnose canine cancer in a manner that is faster, more affordable, and less invasive compared to existing methods.

Zomedica has entered into a development, commercialization and exclusive distribution agreement with Seraph Biosciences, Inc. (Seraph) to develop and market a novel, veterinary pathogen detection system in the form of an innovative point-of-care diagnostic instrument. The diagnostic instrument, referred to as ZM-020, will initially examine urine and fecal samples and is expected to deliver multiple benefits to veterinary clinics, including speed of results and an enhanced workflow with minimal sample preparation time.

Innovative Therapeutics

Zomedica’s therapeutic pipeline is based on human approved drug formulations or compounding pharmacy formulations that veterinarians already use to treat their patients. Zomedica’s therapeutic candidates are being formulated for animal physiology, tested for safety and efficacy, and submitted to the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) for approval. Zomedica’s lead therapeutic candidates are identified below.


Metronidazole vs. Metronidazole Benzoate To Treat Canine Diarrhea

Download our white paper to learn how medicating dogs with metronidazole benzoate, a derivative formulation of the parent compound, carries the risk of treatment failure.

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